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It's been a long time

Hello to all who still remain on LJ.

The name's Kaitlyn and I have not been on LJ since 2011

A small update as I work my way back into things...

I currently am teaching English in Japan up in the northern most prefecture of Honshu. My Japanese is sometimes laughable because I am too tired to study after being hella genki with the childrens here (A!-  A! Apple! - Apple!) (Station station where is the station? Go staight go straight, here is the station- Thank you!)

Anyhow I find passion to study and learn again where I am surrounded by my catalyst for it all (Arashi). So I may become active again for a bit.
You're probably thinking "You live there, why do you need this?" Let me tell you something anonymous questioner, Arashi is broadcasted mainly in the Kanto region...or it's mainly broadcasted on nice TVs...either way I am not able to get access to either of those things (My TV is a joke and they cost upward of 1000 USD here for what would be a 300 USD Tv back home.)

End of weird update.

Yoroshiku ne~

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It's a problem

For those of you with a Tumblr you all probably know how addicting it is x3
Anywho, I was wondering how many people on my F-list had a tumblr- so if you do tell me! So I can be a weirdo and stalk follow you haha

Always looking for another Arashian to fangirl with :3

& yeah, that's why my LJ isn't as active as it used to be. Or even remotely. I'm constantly tumblin

If you don't have one, I encourage all to get one :D 
So much arashi pic spam 24/7 <3

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Help a fellow fangirl?

Hey F-List =]


Please pardon that, and everything else. I come to you all in a slight moment of need
And by need I mean- I need a decent grade to not fail out of college in general.

So now we're onto the main point! I am currently taking a folklore class and need to study a folkgroup's narratives and folk speech and such. Our fandom definitely has it! So please click this survey link hereand try and answer as many questions as possible. You are required to answer the first simple question but the rest are optional! The story ones help me the most [Like 3, 5, 7, 10~]

& if you only have time to answer one it's fine! You can also always come back and answer the others later if you wish =] If you can do so before tomorrow at 7am over here it'd be fantastic :D 

I love this fandom, and I just can't stop myself from incorporating it into my studies <3

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Gimmick Game Karaoke Sub

Anyone else find Nino's Gimmick Game performance difficult to find? Especially any that would be subbed.
I vowed 2 weeks back if I ever learned how to time, typeset and encode I would do it myself - and so I did :D 

It's only the fancam of the screen but I worked hard on it, it's my first video and I had a lot of fun learning how to do all this.

And a big thank you to Becky from taijiproject  for allowing me to use her romaji and translations! Found here drop a comment of thanks to her too ^-^
Comments and feedback will be appreciated. Hope you enjoy it!

Gimmick Game:
[Mirror Provided by: mmestrange ]: MF

For Your Ipod: MU

Preview on youtube: here

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59 Arashi icons ~*

First Icon post ever ^-^;
Oh how worried I am right now as to whether anyone will like them
So please comment if you take, and credit me
[ by <lj user="Kitto09"/> ]

These are the icons I've been working on for a while
So there's quite a bit. They'll show how much my style has matured changed with learning too

Aiba: 12  Jun: 13   Nino: 9   Ohno: 7  Sho: 11

: 3 Juntoshi: 4

Total: 59


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Scan credits: the arashi_yuuki community [so mainly yuckie_chan], Jesychan@livejournal.com, and many random sources who were found through google and photobucket but without claiming them or stating their source so some of these - Well it all goes back to Jhonny doesn't it?
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You know, it's hard not having any friends who are Arashi obsessed

Random rambling, I just felt like talking to no one but this about these thoughts.

So I'm Arashi obsessed of two months, or three? If I had to give myself an Arashi fandom anniversary I'd say it was about April 24th? 2009
My LJ name stems from that kinda Kitto09 -> Definitely09

My favorite number, the year I graduated High School, started college, hopefully a year of more growth, and the year I became an Arashian.

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(no subject)

So as I wait diligently for many many things to occur I decided to hunt for some music memes.

I found a few :D

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Ah god why am I up to 6 am with Arashi all the time ?

1. Which Johnny band is your favourite?
Arashi of coruse :D

2. Why?
how could I not? They're so close, their music is so fun and uplifting and conveys meaning with powerful enough emotions that I don't need translations all the time to understand it. They're so amusing, and different from my usual music.

3. Who is your favourite Johnny?
Ah that'd be Jun ^-^

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